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Common Mistakes in Websites:

  • Large fonts
  • Poor load time
  • Poor overall appearance
  • Spelling/Grammar mistakes
  • No contact information
  • Poor content
  • Poor navigation / organization
  • Broken links and graphics
  • Poor browser compatibility
  • Large slow loading graphics
  • Multiple use of animated graphics
  • Too many graphics
  • Busy, distracting backgrounds
  • Multiple banners and buttons
  • Poor use of frames
  • Pop up messages
  • Over use of java
  • Poor use of tables
  • Different backgrounds on each page
  • Over powering music set to autoplay
  • Scrolling text in the status bar
  • Too much advertising
  • Big welcome banners
  • Multiple colored text
  • Very light colored text
  • Text difficult to read - very small text size
  • No Meta tags and Meta descriptions
  • Multiple use of different fonts
  • Under construction signs
  • Large scrolling text across the page
  • Poor use of mouse over effects