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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems Packages

» Storefront Design and Customization
 Photo Gallery no yes yes
 Newsletter Management yes yes yes
 News Management yes yes yes
 Event / Calender Managementno yes yes
 Language Management no no yes
 Media Managementno no yes
 Poll and Survey no yes yes
 Banner and Advertise Management no no yes
 Website Statistics no yes yes
 Link Directory no no yes
 User Management no yes yes
 SEO Managementyes yes yes
 SEO Friendly URLsno yes yes
 FAQ Manageryes yes yes
 Site Search noyes yes
 RSS Feed nonoyes
 XHTML and CSS Valid yesyesyes
 Tiny MCE WYSIWYG HTML Editor throught Adminyesyesyes
 Unlimited Pages yesyesyes
 Dynamic Site map noyesyes
» Hosting
 Domain NameChargeable FreeFree
 Web Space250 MB1 GB5 GB
 Bandwidth (month)5 GB5 GB10 GB
 Mail Account 25 Mail Box50 Mail Box100 Mail Box
 Live SupportChargeable ChargeableFree

Overview : Content Management Systems