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Content Management System Package

Content Management Systems Features


Our WYSIWYG Editor have very useful features which covers most necessary feature for updating content for web site. Below are lists of features.

upload image from cms
upload flash from cms
upload pdf, word, xls from cms create popup window in cms
css facility in cms
smiley icons in cms
create table in cms
html source in cms
add remove link in cms
cms toolbar
secure admin for cms
manage users in cms
seo meta tags, title, description feature in cms

add umlimited pages
create dynamic siteman
cms online manual, online help
seo friendly url feature

website search by keyword in cms

multi language facility in cms
photo gallery, image gallery feature in cms

Image Upload:

  • You can upload images from your hard disc with Windows file manager style browsing (jpeg, gif, png, bmp format).
  • On image you can give border, you can give height, width, horizontal and vertical alignment
  • You can add ALT tag (which is necessary for search engine).
  • You can add link.
  • You can make roll over - roll out image.

Flash Upload:

  • You can upload flash SWF file from your local pc like image upload. On flash file you can set SWF file’s height, width or you can set SWF file with percentage.

File Upload:

  • You can upload PDF, Word, XLS and Zip File from your hard disc.

Popup Window:

  • You can make popup window to show image/flash in popup box.
  • You can set popup window X and Y position (left distance, top distance)
  • You can give width and height, Show location bar, Show menu bar, Show toolbars, Dependent (Mozilla/Firefox only), Show status bar (these all are with check box selection so you can select /deselect as per your requirement.)

CSS Style:

  • You can use CSS style to maintain the original look of website. CSS is also necessary for search engine friendly page so this feature help you to make your web site more seo friendly.


  • You can use smiley to convey an emotion in your website pages like articles, biography etc.


  • You can create table with your desired number of column and raw.
  • On table you can give border, cell padding, cell spacing, width, height, alignment (left, center, right), CSS style, background image, border color, background color.
  • On table each cell you can give alignment (left, center, right), Vertical Alignment (Top, Middle, Bottom), width, height, CSS style, background image, border color, background color and also you can updates all cells simultaneously in raw / column.
  • You can merge cell
  • You can insert raw/column before and after cell
  • You can delete raw/column individually
  • You can set individual raw’s height, alignment (left, center, right), Vertical Alignment (Top, Middle, Bottom), CSS style

HTML Source:

  • You can add HTML code, java scripts etc. from HTML source section in CMS editor.

Add/Remove Link:

  • You can give link on text/images.

Too bar:

  • You can add font styles: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Sub Script (XX2), Super Script (Xx2)
  • You can add bullet
  • You can color on text, background color on text
  • You can make font align left, middle, right and justify
  • You can cut, copy, paste, select all from toolbar icons
  • You can add horizontal line
  • You can cleanup messy code

Secured Admin:

  • We provides secure, password protected login which restricts access to your website’s content management systems.

Multiple users:

  • You can create multi-access user management to handle separate parts of your website. You can set user permissions on access levels so they can not have access to context sensitive sections.

Seo Features:

  • From CMS you can give page’s title, Meta keywords and Meta description which are most important for search engine optimization. So this way page will became more seo friendly page.

General features:

  • In WYSIWYG Editor Let you cut and paste text from your word processing program into your site you can easily
  • You care remove any text format and apply new format.

Other Features:

Add New Pages :

You can create unlimited number of pages for your website. In created new pages you can add name as per your choice/requirement. So for daily article, news, events it is very useful.

Template Integration :

Any ready or custom template can integrate so no layout choice limitation for using CMS.

Dynamic Site map :

Site map is necessary for search engine to get list of all pages of website, so here we are providing automatic dynamic sitemap, so you don’t have to make and update you site map manually each time you add or delete page.

Online Help Manual :

We provides complete user guide for each tool with text format with images - screen shots and video format (with voice). So you can easily learn all topics in which you want steps for using tool.

Extra Modules Which You can Add in CMS with extra charge:

SEO Friendly URL :

Searching Engines likes URL which don’t have some character like ?, % etc. in URL and so seo friendly URL module will convert all dynamic URL in to static HTML SEO friendly URL like below sample:

  • Bad URL :
  • Good SEO Friendly URL:

Site Search :

If your website is large and have lots of different topics then website search tool is very necessary. With use of site search site visitor can instantly get their desire topic rather than spending time to search link by link.

Multiple Languages :

If you have requirement of more than one language for you web site then multiple language module is very useful for your website. In our multiple language module have unlimited language feature, so you don’t have to pay extra money for each new language. Only one time you have to pay and then forever you can add as much language as your want for your website so its smart and cost effective tool for your website.

Image Gallery :

We provides image gallery feature as per customer needs. You can upload images with category, also you can create unlimited category. You can make thumb view and popup image and also you can give image description, link etc.

If you don’t have your own website then its best decision to make your new website with our Content Management System and If you have already your own website and you want update your website regularly with fresh content then its best decision to install our CMS on your website with one time cost rather than giving 100s of dollars to out side web company.

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