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Frequently Asked Qustions

FAQ Domain and Web Hosting

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your web address of some site on the net like In the address bar of web browser when you type your domain name, it will show your web page . Here the domain name is fingering the physical address of the server that contains your web page files.

Which characters are allowed in domain name?

The ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers works as body for administrating the domain name registration. In the domain name it allows 26 alphabet letters, 0-9 numbers and (-) hyphen. Hyphen can not be used in starting or ending of domain name .the ICANN is allows up to 67 characters in .com, .net, .org etc.

The domain name that I want is not available, what to do if I want that?

If domain name is not available you can not get it, some times unavailable domain name don’t seem in use because of it may be under construction.

Who will be owner of the domain name and where it will reside?

The company or individual person listed as the registrant will considered as the owner for till the contract expiry, and the domain name will be registered to reside on domain name server.

Can I correct domain name spelling mistake?

if your spelling mistake is common then you may get more visitors to your site, or  in case of domain name spelling mistake you have to make a new registration. After your new name registration, it may useful to point misspelled name to the corrected name.

I want to transfer my domain name from another web hosting company to

Don’t  worry, you can easily transfer your do main name to from any web hosting company, just contact us we will show you the steps to transfer your domain name.

How can I pay my domain name amount?

At the ordering of domain name you have to give credit card number, bill will deduct from that. You can pay from any where in the world. For detail options see our bill payment option.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for file transfer protocol. Through which you can transfer file from your local pc to the web server. There are many free ftp software are available on the internet through which you can update your web pages. When you buy hosting package, you get host name, user id, and password for FTP.

How I decide which domain name is suitable for me?

For choosing domain name it is depends on you. Always choose domain name that is easy to memories and less spell mistakes. Don’t choose long domain name it should be short and less confusing.