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FAQ - Search Engine Optimization

How I get visitors on my website from around the world?

Don’t worry this problem is ours, so we have solved it. After finagling your website layout we will finish the graphics and designing. We will add the features to the coding part of site. Like search engine optimization, and goggle ranking code, we will code for keyword search in the content of site. We will do search engine submission and copy writing your site, that way your site searched in the search engines like yahoo, google, msn etc and get visitors from the world.

I want to spread my business around the world, is it possible through my website?

Yes it is possible because for expanding your business globally website publishing is the best option and people are doing that. 7 people out of every 10 who are online they are searching for businesses that are providing services and products online. You can put your samples of products, references, address of location and service period etc.

What are the techniques for my site to be searched in search engines?

Here are some techniques from where you can choose. If you want your site to be searched and viewed in first or second pages of search engines searched result without paying you have to do SEO in your site, copy writing, linking your sites to others then you have to wait and watch. If you want quick result with paying amount then you can go for PPC (page per click) option.

When my website can list in top results in search engines?

With using SEO technique in your site you will get ranked in the search engines, here it is based on the keywords of the content in the sites pages and little depends on linked to other sites, so it will take time to take effect. So you have to be patience for six month or some more.

What is Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine marketing is important for your website to be advertised online and get visitors traffic to your site. Yahoo, msn, google are well known search engines. If your site submitted to search engines then depending on your web page contents you will get ranked in engines. On the basis of rank you will get searchers traffic on you site. Then after hearing or one time visiting your site they will always try to be connected with you.

To get ranking in the search engine it will take some months, it is not too easy to be ranked in the search engine and get result as display in the top page of search results. For that you should have to done search engine optimization, linked to other sites. To displayed in the top page of search results PPC is the best option means you have to paid for that.

How people will reach to my website?

Your site must be developed from fulfillment of W3 rules, your urls must be SEO friendly, site has submitted to search engines to get searched in the searching result.
At designing your site we take care for maximize its visibility to search engines, crawlers, spiders and robots.

My business is small, what to do promote my website?

If you have not enough time for internet marketing, you also can get success and get market through the internet by following some basic points of internet marketing. If you want to go for advanced features we can develop tool for online sites can be updated with it easily and that’s it, you are getting visitors and marketing your products and service that you provide.

Tell me how to publish my website start from zero?

Tell your friends and relatives to visit your website and after checking it send their opinions and feedback to you. After visiting your site your running clients will get more information about your company. And see your company’s criteria. Also add lists of your clients on your website though you can admire customers. Whenever you are typing or printing your contact information also put website address, like e-mail, company covers, letterhead, cards, company advertises, on hold phone messages etc. exchange links with other website holders, like your business clings, clients, customers, source of row materials companies, ask them to put your website address on their site if they have and put their website address on your site too.

When I type some words related my site in the google I cant finding my website why?

After uploading your site on the internet it means not it will found by search engines, first your site is require SEO for that, then it will take several weeks to list your site in the spider’s directory. And it will depend on the every search engines database update period. Also it depends on the visitors traffic on your site. It is not easy to get ranked in the google. This process is takes time for that so you have to be patience and have to do marketing of your website as possible as more.

How the websites get the visitors traffic?

It is mainly depends on visitors if they accepts your site or not. If they found your website is meaningful for them then they will get ahead on other pages of site and will back on your site next time also. And that way you start to cover the market. And your website creation aim success you get visitors traffic on the site. We will design your site with the attractive graphics; multimedia, less sized, fast loading all these features will increase your visitor traffic.