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Frequently Asked Qustions

FAQ Website Development

How does e-commerce website help in my business?

An ecommerce website is powerful to fulfill your all conditions like online buying and selling. And advantage of that it is not bound of any limited territory; you can get market for your product world wide.

Can I handle my e-commerce website?

Our experienced persons have designed the site user friendly and it also allows you to use all features without any technical knowledge so this way you can handle it yourself.

What is ecommerce?

An ecommerce is a commercial trade carried out via internet or other online computer services.
It contains like buying or selling many products like books, jeans,  jewelry, computers etc it also contains online banking and money transfer.

What is the requirement to make my online store?

For that we can help you by setting up merchant account through it allows a business to accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and other forms of payment cards. We will design your product list and online ordering system. We provide you hosting on secure server .We will program to order can be emailed directly to you. Or it will transmit and send to you via phone or fax.

What is Portal design?

Web portals are the variety of aid like search engines, online shopping, email services, chat forums. Our designed web portals are contains graphics and content. We are expert in designing web sites with logical structure, navigation, creative page layout, and strong presentation. We can develop sites for all type of business, and that you can easily operate it.

Can you explain merchant account in detail?

A merchant account is necessary for e-commerce website. It is one of the bank account. That tracks and transfers all money transactions that have been done through the website. So you have to setup a merchant account from the bank or other resources to build up e-commerce website.

If I want to add e-commerce to my running site what will be cost for that?

It is depends on how many products you want to put on site and customization of eCommerce. You can also choose our ecommerce package if your requirements are fulfill from that its cost is near about $400 and you will get your running site converted in online store.

What is Website development?

Web development is integrated with the elements that are works together and depend on each other. Elements are hosting, building, publishing, marketing, and maintaining the website. All elements are important in whole project. Because in the intention of running the designed website on the world wide web it requires server. It also requires register domain name for marketing and search optimization by search engines. Every websites are a program designed to work with the internet and web protocols. All web sites are developed with the HTML program.

In the ecommerce website what about payment gateway and shipping integration?

We have worked with all common payment gateways, like paypal, linkpoint, 2CO. you also can tell us if you have any special requirements.

Is it possible to make changes in the database or source files my self while you are working on my website?

Without informing us please don’t make any changes in the source file. If you want to make changes to the website source file that we are working you just have to inform us at a time, other wise our developers will overwrite your files while they will save their work and your changes will not take effect.