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FAQ - Website Maintenance

What is the difference between web design and web maintenance?

Yes there is big difference between them. In website designing we starts from zero here you are selecting these things from multiple choice; font for web page content, colors, images for products and advertising, themes, page layout etc. and website maintenance is to changing or editing some content of web page, changing some links or e-mail address.

To get ranked in google it is required maintenance regularly, this way you can get your site always fresh In search engine, and will be user-friendly. so stay ahead in the world of internet the web maintenance is required on the type of site informational or e-commerce.

How can I update my website myself?

Yes you can update your website your self, for that you can use WYSIWYG editor to edit the content on your web page. It supports the new standard for editing. We can provide you online tools through that you can change content or images on the site. For e-commerce or database driven website tools will give you a back-end from where you can make change in content of web page.

Does it necessary to update my website regularly?

It is not necessary but for optimization content required and for ranking fresh content is important. For small company you can update some content or pages of your website in a quarter of six months, you can put your company news, articles, quarterly profits, new schemas. You can change your content in a period of one or two months. The e-commerce and database websites are designed for make any changes in content or images as per require so in that you can make changes easily. So to optimize your website in the search engine and get ranked in the google it is necessary to update your website content regularly.

Define the topics related update website myself?

For ecommerce sites we develop ecommerce programs that through web based admin tool you can update your site. You can also adding some contents page and also edit your current page. With the shopping cart program you can update your website yourself.;
If it is not online shop or ecommerce site then also you can edit, add and delete pages from the site with the use of content management tool.
We can provide you blog into the page that you can update your site with the blogger , moving content, word press you can update your company news.
If you don’t want any content management software, with the knowledge of basic HTML you can update text on the site. We can code the pages that will automatically resize as per change in text. We will provide you tutorial for that.