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Frequently Asked Qustions

FAQ Website

Q. Why I need a website?

Until now, the only way a small business could market their products and services to their out side area customers was by use of expensive advertising media. Very few companies can afford regional or network radio and TV advertising, or expensive national magazines. But with a Web site, any small and big business can their customers all over the world 24hr with very low cost!

Q. What benefits I can get from my website?

  • 24hr Worldwide online presence
  • 24hr Worldwide online source of information and promotion to customers
  • You can sell your products or services 24hr to your customers
  • Increased consumer perception
  • Law cost to handle business
  • Everyday you can show your products or services thousands of people which is very hard to handle in small shop or office
  • You can run your business anywhere in the world – so not require any standard place to run your business like big shopping mall
  • Increased exposure and elevated perception of your business above competition

Q. How can you help me to start my website? Should I require any kind of experience?

We provide free consultation on all our services so we will help you right from the start. You do not need any online experience at all. Our support department will help you for all your questions.

Q. What preparations does my business have to do to get online?

  • Domain Name
  • Web space - Hosting
  • Company Logo
  • Photographs ( Images)
  • Content for all pages

Q. How can you help me to improve my existing website?

Yes. We can usually redesign or freshen up an existing site. Below are some steps we apply for improving current websites:

  • New Fresh professional look
  • Use of CSS to control page text which helps also to load page fast
  • Image optimization – reduce size of image which helps to load page fast
  • Removing unnecessary HTML and making
  • Adding lead capture form to convert visitor to customer
  • And many more : read our website redesign for more info

Q. How can a website save me time and money?

You can integrate many features in to your website which saves lots of your business time. Here are some examples of features:

  • Online order processing
  • Online bookings/reservations
  • Online shopping cart facility
  • Surveys and feedback forms
  • Instant payment through credit card transactions

Q. How many pages is the average website?

Normally basic website have 7-10 pages and Corporate website have 20-25 pages, but this can vary depending on the nature of the business and the purpose of your website.

Q. What is the difference between a "static" and a "dynamic" site?

Static site: A static web site is written in HTML only with may be, CSS and Java Script. This site doesn’t have any database. For editing this site you have to use webpage editor like MS Front page or Macromedia Dreamweaver. This site has less cost in compare dynamic site. Static site can run on both server – Linux and Window. So any specific server requirement is necessary for static site.

Dynamic site : Dynamic site is written in several scripting language like PHP, ASP, ASP.NET with databases like MS Access, My SQL etc. These sites can run on server as per scripting language. Like if site scripting language is PHP language then it requires Linux server and if site scripting language is ASP/ASP.NET then it requires Windows server. Dynamic sites cost are little more than static sites but for long term its cost effective. If you install Content Management System on your website then you can update your website content yourself and also create more new pages your self which in static site you have to give charges for all ongoing updates for your website.

Q. Will I need any special software to run my website?

Only web Browser is required to run your website.

Q. What Do I Put On My Site?

That depends on the purpose of your web site. If you run a business website you would include as much information about your products or services that your customers would need to purchase from you.

Q. What does online mean?

Online meaning that you are connected with the world wide web that well known as internet.

Q. How can I make my website content?

We are expert at providing thoughtful content that can help you to get market and traffic on your website related your product. Here you don’t have to give any content. We will give you many topic of content that will solve your marketing problem and you will achieve your targeted through web.

Q. Can I handle my website even I don’t have a computer?

Don’t worry. To do online marketing or business you don’t have to purchase computer and no need of any technical knowledge. You just have to go to the cyber cafe at nearer once in a week and check emails and customer inquiry on your mail address that added to your contact us page of your site, but if you have e-commerce site that is related online store or online selling than we suggest you to handle it your self, you need a computer with internet connection.

Q. How can my company make more profit through the website?

With the introduction page the visitor can see your company detail, the intro page will be in flash or other animation scripts, you can reach to your customer via online, also you can send information about company news, upcoming products etc though email, here you will get costumers worldwide and for that no office or shop required, and you don’t have to do marketing by physically or by meeting to convince the people.

Q. Are you providing all services from domain registration to making website live?

Yes. We are providing all servicing which are domain registration, website hosting, website designing and development, website promotion and website maintenance.

Q. After completion of my website which way you will service me?

Completion of your site, we will launch it on the web. After that we are bind with you to make minor changes that you have noticed or missed till one month of completion. If then you want do changes so you have to pay or you can choose our maintenance contract option.

Q. Which way we have to pay the payment?

Here you have to pay full payment on our ready packages and half on customized quote. For the large projects we can divide it in more than two parts.