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Logo Designing Process

Logo Design Work Process

logo design step 1 : select package Step 1 : Select a logo design package that best meets your needs. Then, complete our logo design package sign-up process to submit your order. This step is very simple, basic private information – Your name, your company name, your email address and your postal address.
Step 2 : Tell us what you want to see in your company logo Step 2 : Tell us what you want to see in your company logo. In this stage please take your time and provide us important information about your company back ground, company vision, marketing fields etc which will help us to create the right identity for your company. Here you can also give your preferred color, fonts, symbols (concepts) for your company logo.
Step 3: View original logo samples Step 3 : View original logo samples. After getting detail information of your company we will show you new original different logo samples online in 3 days (as per logo design package time line). Now you can choose one or two logo samples which you would like to work and finalize or you can give for revisions with some instruction like change in font style or color combination or in shape etc.
Step 4: View revisions Step 4 : View revisions. Our designers will follow your feedback and make revisions. Within two business days we will provide you first revision of your selected logo concept in step 3. In this stage your desired company is very close.
Step 5: Final Logo Step 5 : Final Logo. When you satisfied with last revision, you will get your final logo. We will email you your final set of your company logo in all required file formats.
Step 6: Create your corporate stationary. Step 6 : Create your corporate stationary. After you finalize your logo design, you can start to promote your corporate identity and for that you need some promotional stationary like business card, letter head, envelop, flyer, broachers etc. and you can ask us to provide stationary design as per logo design package you choose.
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