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Web Analytics

Turn your website statistics in to Sales!

Analyzing visitor behavior is important to improving the performance of your website and for that Web Analytics is a best tool. Web Analytics also knows as Web Tracking Reports. Basically this is a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly traffic reports about your website which shows how many visitors you have in certain duration, how many pages people has seen, from which search people are coming, which browser they are using, in which day your website have more traffic and in which day your website have less traffic etc.

This is very important tool which can help you to improve your website and convert visitors to customers.
In website traffic tracking report you can check below details :

  • How many people visit the site a day
  • Report of visited pages by people
  • Unique visitor tracking and reporting
  • How many return visitors your site attracts
  • Visitor or session tracking report
  • Which is the most converting keywords
  • How many total visitors are viewing your websites
  • Which search engine sends the most traffic
  • Report of which browser, screen resolution and operating system your visitors are using.